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What Makes Plastic Pallets The Best Shipping Material Many shipping companies nowadays are fond of using plastic pallets for a number of reasons. The most prevalent reasons are as follows: flexibility, efficacy and adherence to environmental regulations. However, there are still other companies out there that make use of wood because it’s less expensive. Bear in mind that changing times impose contemporary challenges that merchants and shipping companies need to deal with and the best way to do it is through plastic pallets. The following are reasons why it is practical to use them: For people who are shipping their products internationally are surely aware of what you call ISPM 15 standards. The primary purpose of having the International Phytosanitary Standard Measure/ISPM is to protect different countries from wood pests that might affect those countries that are using the infested wood material.
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People in the shipping industry are required to follow those requirements. This is the main reason why ISPM 15 is followed by almost all countries all over the globe. Since those regulations are for wood materials only, most companies are using plastic pallets to avoid those regualtions. This one of the reasons why most people in the shipping industry use the latter.
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There even more reasons why you must choose them: Free from mold infestation. The growth of bacterial and accumulation of watery substance is not possible. Fats, noxious odours, acids and solvents cannot penetrate the surface. Since it can be re – use it doesn’t impose great demands in the timber industry which can help preserve natural resources. This is also practical to use and effective too. The use of plastic pallets allow a safe and easy delivery of products from the manufacturers to the clients. However, what type of pallet should you use? Bear in mind that some pallets are used for one – way shipment only while others are for multi – purpose. They can be recycled in such a way that the manufacturers will obtain them after the initial shipping and then they will determine the number of times they can still use the same pallet. Although the price for the reusable plastic pallets is higher you can expect a lesser expenditures on the handling cost since it has multi – purpose capabilities. If you are shipping materials in a one way process then might as well use the export pallets since they are not heavy and they will not be a burden to you financially speaking. Another good thing about them is that they can be lifted easily by fork lift and pallet jacks which make them efficient in transporting materials. Aside from the fact these export pallets are inexpensive they are also recyclable nowadays.