Unlock your dream trip to Shimla


Many of us are very passionate about traveling. We love to explore new things. We like to meet new people. Some of us are very adventurous. We want to try all the adventurous sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc.  If you are adventurous and are a nature lover, Shimla is a very happening place for you. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It was once the summer capital of British India.

Most of the times, we are not able to get a perfect experience because of our ineffective planning and organizing. Therefore, to ensure that you have a great experience, we are introducing a few tips which you can always keep in mind while you are on a trip to Shimla.

Flights to Shimla

There is no airport in Shimla. Thus if you are traveling from south India to Shimla, the best thing you could do is book your Chennai to Delhi flights.  It is a 7-hour journey from Delhi to Shimla.You can travel to Shimla from Delhi by bus or train or by a car. Do remember to book your Chennai to Delhi flights online to get the best of the deals.

Hotels in Shimla

There are world-class hotels in Shimla. You can book hotels of your choice. It is advisable to book them online to get the best offers. Remember to book them in advance because Shimla is one of the most visited tourist spots in India. If you do not book in advance, you might not get the place which you prefer.

Places to Visit

Kalka- Shimla railway

This place is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites under Mountain Railways of India. It is known for its mesmerizing views of the hills and the surrounding villages. This was built in 1898 to connect the summer capital of India during the British rule.

The Shimla Ridge

The ridge road is a large open space in the heart of Shimla. It is a hub of all the cultural activities of Shimla.

Summer hill

This hill is at the height of 2123 meters. It is 5 km west to the Shimla ridge and is a part of the seven hill cluster. The view from the top of the hill is so beautiful that it is not worth describing with words.

Mall road

This is the most famous shopping centre in Shimla. It is a hub of many hotels, clubs, restaurants, banks, shops and tourist offices. A statue of Lala Lajpst Rai is erected in this road. This place is called ‘’The scandal point’’.

The Rashtrapathi Nivas

The Rashtrapati Nivas or The Viceregal Lodge was the former residence of British Viceroy of India.

Kamna Devi Temple

This temple is located on a beautiful hilltop 6 km away from the Shimla Hill station. It is believed that the Goddess Kaali fulfils the desires of people who climb up the hill and offer prayers to the Goddess.

Must try dishes of Shimla

The Himachali Cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in India. When you go to Shimla, do not forget to try its most popular street food. Chola Bhatura, Peanut cones, Chicken bun, Aaloo Tikki, Raj Kachori, etc. are a few dishes that must not be missed.

After you know so much about Shimla, what is keeping you waiting? Book your flights right away.