Types of Tape and Functions

In everyday life, of course, we often see custom shipping tape used for various purposes. Do you know? Actually many other types of tape that you do not know. In addition to tapes that are often used in everyday life, there are also types of tape used in certain industries and certain purposes such as automotive service vehicle painting services, glass cutting, police, and others.

Tape Type
Opp Tape
Opp tape or that we often know named tape is a type that is often used and seen by us. This tape is clear or brown. Usually, this type of tape is used for cardboard packing for both light and heavy sizes. This tape can stick tightly to all kinds of surfaces made of glass, wood, cardboard, paper, iron, plastic. There are various sizes tailored to specific needs. Opp tape is made of polypropylene film material that has both strength and flexibility. The adhesive uses a strong acrylic water base glue.

Tape Type and Function
Stationary Tape
Actually, this type of tape has the same function with opp tape but the stationary tape has a smaller size for smaller work. Made of coated polypropylene film and adhesive glue strong water base acrylic resin. These tapes are often used in household, office, art, school, gift wrapping, and others.

Masking Tape
This type of tape called masking tape is commonly used to prevent certain surfaces from getting paint, hiding uneven and other related surfaces. Usually, this is used by automotive vehicle painting services such as cars and motorcycles. It is also used in glass cutting services, interior design in both office and home and other buildings. Masking tape is easily torn and removed so it does not leave marks on the surface. Made of crepe paper coated with solvent base natural rubber resin.

Cloth Tape
Cloth tape is actually we often see when going to bind books, papers and more. This black cloth tape is in addition to being used for bindery, also used for cargo packing and other related purposes. Made from fabric katon with the outer surface coated with PE and the inside surface coated natural rubber resin. This type of tape is very strong, resistant to weather and not easily torn. Black tape is often a complement of merchandise in the place of photocopying services, building stores, bookstores and more.

Double Tape
One more tape that we often use and see the double-sided tape. This tape there are large and small according to certain purposes. Made of tissue paper material that both sides coated acrylic base adhesive so that both sides can be attached to a particular surface. The double tape is suitable for use in the field of electronics, offices, printing industry, schools and others.