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How to Completely Erase Hard Disk Data If you want to completely erase your hard drive, you should use a degausser. Most people usually delete data on their hard disks or other storage devices using their computers. When you delete data in this manner, it is actually simply moved to an inaccessible part of the drive. This is why it is possible to recover data from a hard drive that has been formatted. However, you can use a degausser to completely wipe off data from your hard drive. The data on a hard drive that has been degaussed is randomized and cannot be recovered. Most consumers are not careful about their data. For example, you can find someone selling his/her hard drive without having erased the data in it. If the hard drive falls into the hands of a person with malicious intentions, your data can be recovered and used. This being the case, you need to do more than simply format a hard drive before selling it. It is important to ensure that the data will not be recoverable. Degaussing is the best way of making your data irrecoverable. Regardless of who you are, it is important to degausse your hard drive before selling it. Wiping the hard drive cleans is also important for businesses that want to replace their aging computers with new ones. You do not want your confidential business operations data falling on the wrong hands. Apart from businesses, government offices also have sensitive data. Government departments need to degausse their hard disks to ensure their data does not fall into the wrong hands. Generally, degaussing should be used by anyone who does not want their hard drive data to be accessible to other parties when they have sold the storage devices.
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How Does Degaussing Work? Degaussing relies on magnetism to erase data on a hard drive. Most hard drives have a magnetic strip inside where data is stored. The data on the strip is converted to digital format when the hard drive is inserted into a computer. The digital format of the data is what appears on the computer screen as different types of files.
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To completely erase the data on the drives, degaussers rely on magnetism. When a degausser is powered, it produces a strong magnetic field. To erase the data on a hard drive, you have to introduce it into this strong magnetic field, which will in turn randomize the data on the drive’s magnetic strip. The data cannot be recovered from the hard drive that has been put into the magnetic field since it has been randomized. This way, you can be sure that no data can ever be retrieved from the hard drive. You can purchase different types of degaussers. Among the most common types are electromagnetic degaussers. The above is an overview of what you should know about degaussers.