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Since time immemorial, travel has been an integral part of human life. In the early days, man traveled in search of food, they led a nomadic life. As time passed humans learnt to settle down in one place, learnt agriculture to meet their food requirements, the concept of travel took on another hue. Now one could travel by boat, by road or by train. With further development and exciting discoveries humans learnt to do business and commerce. Trade between places became the norm. Soon came the era of the tourists. Now travel was not just for business it was also for pleasure and this realization brought in the very lucrative business of travel agencies and tour operators.

Today tours and tourists is a booming industry. There are millions of people moving around the world in planes trains and ships even as we read. With advancements in technology, travel agencies found life easier and business much better if they used computers to aid their enterprise. Today one can book tickets round the world in minutes all due to travel software that brings details in seconds.

So what is travel software? Well, since computers are such an integral part of any tour operator business, software developers came up with travel software that would aid the user to conduct their business without wading their way through pages and pages of data looking for flights, bus and train reservations and even ship, ferry and boat timings. The travel software is designed in such a way that it does the internet surfing and brings up only the results that have been asked for. Today one can do bookings anywhere in the world sitting in one office and you can get confirmed reservations at your fingertips.

Tour operators generally combine the travel, the actual touring and the accommodation aspects of any trip. There are tour operators who specialize in niche activities like skiing or surfing and they would then provide your itinerary accordingly. People want to plan their business related activities like conferences and seminars along with a short break, or then there are people who want only a holiday where everything is taken care of like pick-up and drop from the airport or the train station, all touring aspects like bus bookings, hotel bookings, transit details, tours and guides, camps and excursions etc. people also like to know before hand what they are booking and what they are going to get. So this kind of a travel agency software helps the tourism agency to provide the client with everything hat they want.

travel software makes all these complicated aspects of booking etc very easy to do. A client only has to outline what his or her requirements are and the tour operator keys in the relevant data into his travel software run program. Most travel software incorporates an integrated reservation system along with relevant accounting aspects. There are web interfaces for client, agent and even supplier based transactions.

There is a …

Tips for Online Travel Discounts

Internet has come along way for today’s travelers to save money on hotels, airlines, resorts, cruises and vacation packages.  There are thousands of deals online by reputable companies that you can take advantage of.  Whether you’re planning for your summer vacation or last minute getaway, chances are that there’s a deal waiting for you if you know where to look.

Travel Coupons:
There are hundreds and thousands of travel coupons and promotional codes available online.  If you have your mind set on a specific location, you can search for deals on travel discount sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and Travelzoo.  These sites are updated throughout the day with latest offers and coupon codes that you can use when booking your vacation.  These codes will help you save up to 50% on hotels, airfares and more. 

Travel Alerts:
If you prefer to travel with specific airline or stay at a particular hotel, you can sign up to receive travel alerts whenever a new offer is available.  Major airliners know that you want to fly during summer months and they will charge as much as possible.  The best way to save money on airfare is to sign up for airfare alerts.  These alerts will let you know when the best deals are available from your airport.  Most hotels don’t like to keep their rooms empty.  If you sign up for hotel alerts at your favorite hotel, you can take advantage of the last minute hotel deals.  These coupons or last minute discounts to a plane ticket or hotel room can be sent directly to your email, ipod or any smartphones. 

Be Flexible:
You can save more money if you’re flexible with your dates.  Sometimes rates will vary depending on the day you choose to travel.  It is often that midweek flights are cheaper than if you choose to travel on weekends. So try to schedule your vacation on days when the best deals are available. 

With a little bit of patience, following these tips can save money on your next travel.

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The 5 Best Recreational Resorts in Crimea – Ukraine

1. Bristol Hotel

Region: Southern coast of Crimea

City: Yalta, Roosevelt Street 10

Distance to Simferopol: 86 kilometers

Distance to the sea shore: 200 meters

Room Cost: Hr 420-2910


Tour operators gave the best marks to the Bristol Hotel for all criteria. It is a 145­year­old four­story building in downtown Yalta. Tour operators said the place is a favorite among business travelers. Rooms vary, from economy class on up.

2. Sea Resort (More Pansionat)

City: Alushta

Address: Naberezhna Street 25

Distance to Simferopol: 45 kilometers

Distance to the sea shore: 150 meters

Room Cost: Hr 520-4545


This place got the second highest marks, with its own 200­meter­long beach and spa complex. All rooms are doubles, equipped with central conditioning and cable TV. Pool and beach are included in the price.

The buildings, nine four­ or three­story villas and a nine­story spa­hotel, were built between 2001 and 2004. Prices depend on additional services, room size, view from the window and distance from the sea shore (from 50 to 300 meters).

3. Oreanda Hotel

City: Yalta.

Address: Naberezhna Lenina Street 35/2

Distance to Simferopol: 85 kilometers

Distance to the sea shore: 100 meters

Room Cost: Hr 995-8475


In 2001, the hotel was refurbished completely. Oreanda is a favorite of Ukrainian officials and celebrities touring along the southern coast. The price includes half­board meals, beach and a fitness center. Depending on the price, you get a view of the town, hotel, park or mountains. There are standard services in all rooms – satellite TV, refrigerator and central air conditioning.

4. Palmira Palace Hotel

City: Yalta.

Location: Kurpaty village

Distance to Simferopol: 95 kilometers, to Yalta – 8 kilometers

Distance to the sea shore: 100 meters.

Cost for the room: 780-8030 HR


The estate of Russian Grand Duke Dmitri Romanov once stood where this modern hotel now stands, situated not far from Kichkine Palace. Palmira Palace is a VIP­class hotel. All rooms are doubles, with air conditioners, satellite TV, telephone and Internet access. Price includes indoor and outdoor pools, beach and saunas. There is a shop, drugstore, travel bureau, squash courts with a trainer, paid parking, as well as a panoramic lift to the hotel’s own pebble beach.

5. Sudak Tourist Center

City: Sudak.

Address: Lenina Street 84

Distance to Simferopol: 154 kilometers

Distance to the sea shore: 50 meters

Room Cost: 253-1970 HR


The pebble­and­sand beach shore of Sudak bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Founded in 1948, the sanatorium has a half­century of history, and was recently refurbished. The Sudak Tourist Center has 10 buildings with standard rooms, improved standard rooms and first class rooms, but only a few economy class rooms.…

Last Minute Canada Flights Travel Options

Canada is a great place for vacations due to its infinite diversity. Between the two seas that flank it on the east and the west, the Canadian land contains everything from brambling rock to pristine glaciers.

People coming to Canada can enjoy every feature that planet Earth has to offer and travel through six different time zones. However, it is a completely different story if you want to take any last minute Canada flights.

But though Canada is such a heavenly place to visit, it is not easy to get a reservation to vacation here. The problem is that the country has highly unfavorable weather for the better part of year, and the summer is very short, and that is the time when the fun begins.

However, if you are well informed, you can get a booking for yourself whenever you want. In fact, if you suddenly plan visiting this country, you can even get hold of some last minute Canada flights, and save money too.

The Internet is invariably the first place where you should begin your search. Almost all popular travel-booking sites have last minute Canada flights for the instinctive traveler. You can access the Canadian option of the booking service you already use. If you are lucky, you will get a last minute ticket.

The Internet is where airlines promote their last minute Canada flights, and they might be sold under various names because airlines do not want to show that they are selling last minute tickets. The reason for this is, most last minute tickets are canceled and unsold tickets. If tickets are unsold, it casts a shadow on the airlines credibility.

The best way to visit Canada is through a vacation package, and that is also the best way to get last minute Canada flights. Canada sees many tourists, no doubt, but most of these tourists are adventure-seekers who like to wend their own way in this extremely diverse country. There are much fewer people who come with reservations. So, if you make a good enough search, you will find some travel agent with a Canadian vacation package that is just right for you.

Travel agents always have much collaboration with Canadian holiday services. You can avail of these facilities at package costs, which would certainly be lower than the prices you would have to shell out if you go by yourself.

Also, since Canada is such a large country, a vacation package would be much better to help you visit the interesting parts of the country. If the packages remain unsold till very late, then you could get some very good last minute Canada flights to go with the vacation packages.

There are better chances of getting last minute Canada flights if you try for the off-season tickets, which are from the period between October to January. Of course, you will have to exclude the busy Christmastime.

But otherwise, it will be a piece of cake to get tickets within the winter months, though …

Hong Kong Stopover: Tourist attractions and Sightseeing near the airport

Many of the passengers who pass through Hong Kong every year, are either spending their short stopover holiday in the city centre, or simply prefer to stay at the airport, not knowing that some of the city’s most spectacular attractions can be found just near the airport…

This article will show you how you can enjoy your short Hong Kong stopover without getting too far from the airport.

Lantau Island, right next to the airport, is Hong Kong’s largest and most scenic island, and other than beautiful nature sceneries of steep forest-clad mountains and sandy coves, it is home to some of Hong Kong’s most spectacular tourist attractions.

After clearing with Immigration and Customs, you can deposit your trolley luggage at the baggage storage facility, in the “Meeters and Greeters Hall” (Full details can be found in my other article: “Hong Kong Stopover – the Easiest Ways to Get From the Airport to the City’s Main Attractions”).

Now you can catch a bus to the new town of Tung Chung, on Lantau Island.

Bus routes S1, S52P and S64 are all traveling to Tung Chung Bus Terminus and the journey takes something like 10 minutes.

You can also catch a blue-colored Lantau Taxi or a red Urban-taxi.  It’s only a short ride and the price is not likely to be more than HK$ 35-40

Tung Chung’s Bus Terminus is located right next to Citygate Outlets (some of the buses have a stop within the mall).  This modern shopping complex is Hong Kong’s first and (so far) only outlet mall, which means that international brand names can be bought here at significant discounts, all year round…

Citygate is also a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal, as the mall boasts 14 restaurants and cafés, as well as a cinema and other entertainment venues.

From here, you can start your cable-car journey to Ngong Ping and its attractions.

A visit to Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery and the “Big Buddha” is definitely one of Hong Kong’s must-dos.  The 25 minutes long cable-car ride covers a distance of almost 6 km, from the lower terminus, next to Citygate, all the way up to the mountain, and the panoramic views are simply spectacular.

Up on the mountain, you can see the famous “Big Buddha”: An immensebronze statue of the seated Buddha, soaring to a height of 34 meters above its Lotus-shaped base, and the Po Lin Monastery, with its beautiful golden statues, lavish Chinese décors and lovely vegetarian restaurant.

Ngong Ping Village spans from the cableway’s top terminus to the monastery and the Big Buddha’s base.  It’s a “culturally themed village” with restaurants, souvenir shops and some cliché attractions, related to the life and philosophy of the Buddha.

If you love nature and you do have a bit of time on your hands, you might want to pop to the Ngong Ping Nature Centre and join one of theirfree nature guided walks.  …

5 Steps to Easy Online Flight Booking

The internet has changed virtually everything.  Air travel is no exception.  It used to be that a good travel agent was the best way to plan and book your flight.  Now, thanks to the World Wide Web, you can make your travel plans from the comfort and convenience of your home computer.  Some people are hesitant to make bookings online because of security issues and their lack of familiarity with the whole process of online booking.  Here are a few things you can do to make your experience as trouble-free as possible.

1. Be flexible.  The majority of air travel done in the United States is for business or professional reasons.  Individuals who are traveling for business reasons tend to be less flexible in their travel dates and arrival/departure times.  However, if you are traveling for pleasure (vacation, holidays, etc…) you might be able to save some money by being flexible in a few key areas.  The first area you should be flexible in is your departing airport.  If you live in an area that only has one local airport you might not have a choice which airport you depart from.  But if you live in a large city there are usually two or three airports within driving distance from your home that you could depart from.  Be sure to check the prices of flights leaving from all airports within your area.  Keep in mind, the biggest airport might not be the cheapest.  Second, be flexible in your dates and times of departure.  Flights are typically cheaper that depart on weekdays as opposed to weekends or Fridays.  Also, overnight flights are in lower demand and are therefore less expensive.

2. Book in advance.  Last minute bookings are always the most expensive.  Airlines charge more money for last minute bookings because they cause more work for the airlines to process in time.  Try to book your flight four to six weeks ahead of time.  Many airlines will allow you to book earlier than that, but some airlines do not publish their flight itineraries until six weeks before the departure date.

3. Have your credit card information ready.  Online bookings are paid for exclusively with credit or debit cards.  Be sure to check and see which cards are accepted with the company you are making your online booking with.  Also, be sure that their site is protected from identity theft by companies such as VeriSign or Travel Guard.

4. Be sure to provide accurate information.  Websites can only process what you put into them.  If you do not provide accurate information for an online booking agency they can not process your purchase.  Be sure that your name, email address, flight information, and credit card information are all filled out accurately.

5. Confirm your purchase.  Many online booking agencies provide a phone number or support email address on their website so that you can confirm that your purchase was made.  Take five minutes to call or email the agency to make sure that …

Top Resorts in Varadero, Cuba

The hub of tourism that is Varadero, Cuba is home to many fantastic resorts and beautiful beaches. The most difficult part is figuring out which resort works best for you. Many individuals choose a resort based on the beach it offers, or the restaurants on the premises. Others vacationers are more interested in amenities such as a spa, daycare service, or the surrounding area of the hotel. Considering the amount of options available in Veradero, it

Melia Varadero:

This famous chain hotel offers a great deal of amenities and entertainment options to its patrons. From the outside it exudes a certain sense of flashiness, but upon entry into the lobby an entirely different impression is made. The spacious lobby is essentially an indoor garden. Filled with exotic plants, wooden statues and fountains; the lobby is almost overwhelmingly stunning. As if the indoor garden was not enough to make the hotel attractive, the rooms are designed to be equally beautiful. In terms of amenities, visitors have access to a swimming pool, fitness center, a space for massage and spa treatment, babysitting, a hot tub, tennis, a fitness room and more. The list of amenities the Melia Varadero offers also includes five restaurants, a cafeteria and four bars. If these extras are not enough the resort is within walking distance of a sun filled strip of sand and surf.

Tryp Peninsula Varadero:

Well placed alongside the beach, and built to be integrated seamlessly with nature, the Tryp Peninsula Varadero hotel is a beautiful place to spend a vacation. Such natural beauty often comes with a major sacrifice in terms of convenient access to attractions; especially city based attractions that are abundant in Varadero. In the case of the Tryp Peninsula Hotel, this is not so. Only 14km of distance separates the hotel from the center of Varadero. This proximity gives vacationers access to all the city has to offer, while simultaneously allowing for the joy of nature. Beyond this proximity the resort has many amenities to offer. Among these are a swimming pool, spa and massage space, meetings facilities, water skiing, snorkeling, tennis and a restaurant. This beautiful, naturally preserved resort is more then able to provide a wonderful vacation in Cuba to fun and sun seeking tourists.

Paradisis Varadero:

Similar to the Tryp Peninsula hotel, the Paradisis Varadero is wonderfully meshed with the beautiful natural surrounding of the city. Located along one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula, and among much of the most vibrant wildlife the area has to offer, Paradisis Veradero offers a great deal to its visitors. Only 13km from the center of the city, the hotel is within close range of the Varadero Shopping and Convention Center. Featuring six restaurants, this is a great place to go for the lover of all-inclusive vacations. If the food and the beach is not enough to make your stay wonderful, the resort offers a large swimming pool, entertainment events and complete with dance lessons. Whether you are going …

Cyprus Car Rental – Car Hire in Cyprus

Cyprus Car Rental & Hire covering the whole Cyprus, offices in all towns and holiday resorts including Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Nicosia, Polis, Episkopi, and Troodos & Protoras with largest & youngest fleet of hire cars at lowest rates. Travelling overseas for a vacation is simple enough, choose a beautiful destination, pack your bags, and get on a plane and on to your vacation haven.

24 hour car hire service available at airport such as Protaras, AyiaNapa, Limassol,Nicosia, Polis, Troodos & Episkopi. With over a car hire fleet of over 900 cars available they can offer the widest range of quality cars to rent and hire in Cyprus as well as offer the best car hire and rental prices. Petsas & Sons fleet of hire cars range from Daewoo Matiz, Toyota Yaris and Toyota Starlet to Opel Corsa, Opel Astra, Citroen Xsara and Toyota Rav4 right up to Toyota Land Cruiser 4WD, Toyota MR2 cabriolet and Nissan Patrol 4WD.

We can offer both manual and automatic rental cars. After many years in the car rental and hire business in Cyprus you can feel confident that Petsas & Sons will make your car hire experience and enjoyable one during your holiday in Cyprus. Cyprus car rental to give you a complete list of the vehicles they offer and let them know what your plans are for travelling during your stay.Many times, they will be able to advise the best vehicle to fit your needs.The contrasts on Cyprus are also evident between the thoroughly modern major cities and the remote and small villages found a short distance from the coast.In the major cities such a Paphos and Limassol the effects of contemporary economic development are pervasive. Andreas Petsas & Sons Ltd, a pioneer in the rental business and the largest car rental company in Cyprus with a fleet of over 900 cars on the road, offers a wide choice of quality cars ranging from economy to luxury. We also provide rent a car that offers a huge selection of new cars ranging from economy to luxury. Discounted, all inclusive rates are available for our online customers and book online today. We can also arrange delivery and collection anywhere in Cyprus, including Larnaca airport. Cyprus Car Hire is your route to low-cost car hire in Cyprus. You can get an instantcar hire quote for all types of rental cars in Cyprus and make an online reservation for the car hire of your choice. Cyprus Car Hire Portal provides you with a quality rental car in Cyprus. Car hire in Cyprus is an absolute must if you want to see the real beauty of our island. We also offer wide range of low-cost rental cars, so you can pick just the right hire car for your Cyprus holiday.

Our rentals cars in Cyprus are new, comfortable and very well-maintained and will assist you tour the island.� Book Cyprus car online now through our easy online rental car reservations system, and rely on us …

Traverus Travel Invites You To A Verus Product Launch

Traverus Travel has had many milestones this year with their new life enhancing product line Verus, a better paying compensation plan and a new Travel and Lifestyle magazine. CEO David Manning will be sharing more about these great changes as well as more exciting changes in the works. Traverus Travel is inviting all their reps, customers and curious people to a Verus Product Launch near you.

The first Verus Product Launch took place on March 14, 2009 a Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in Orlando, FL. The event was held at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center. In attendance were David Manning, CEO and members of the Field Leadership Team; Mark Campese (National Sales Trainer), Dottie Smith, Melanie Milletics and Ty Jackson.

All attendees received a copy of the new Travel and Lifestyle magazine published by Traverus.  The magazine highlights leaders’ experiences, travel benefits, and the new life enhancing Verus product line. Attendees heard David Manning and other leaders speak about the changes that have recently taken place in Traverus and those on the horizon. Agents from all over the US, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas came to celebrate.

David Manning asked Rich Vicente(Las Vegas CEO of eTraverus), Paul Skulitz (National Executive from Venice, FL) and Danny Suarez (Leader of Hispanic market in Puerto Rico and FL) to join the Field Leadership Team. Danny Suarez will be working closely with Rich Vicente to translate the websites and presentations of eTraverus into Spanish.

The Travel and Lifestyle magazine will also be translated into Spanish, and a new edition will be published to spotlight Hispanic leaders. CEO David Manning and Traverus realize there is a huge market of Spanish speaking entrepreneurs as well as travelers and they are working to cater both to expand their market reach.

The event was video-recorded by Ty Jackson who will be taking the compiled footage and creating DVDs that will highlight the experience of the leaders during the transformation of Traverus. This will give those who were unable to attend the inside scoop and experience.

Another major change announced was by Rich Vicente of eTraverus (Traverus’s marketing system) who will be moving eTraverus ‘in house’ to the Traverus corporate offices in Plano, TX. This move will help the two entities to work closely together and fine tune the eTraverus marketing system. Some of the changes will be creating flash presentations for the new Verus product line as well as the new 3D compensation plan.

When David Manning showed attendees the new 3D compensation plan benefits many were amazed at how much more money they would be receiving. The larger payouts were made possible by Traverus integrating their new product line Verus.

The Verus line of products was unveiled for the first time. With the unveiling came a flood of testimonials from those who got to participate in the test market for the product line. The product line currently includes the following:

  • VERUS – Immune (supports immune health)

  • VERUS – Charge It! (restores alertness and

Cheap Flights to Australia

In general, the cost of airline tickets from the United States to Australia is not really cheap even if advertised that way. After all, it’s a long, long trip that takes anywhere from 14 to 20 hours each way even on non-stop flights. This being said, it is still possible to enjoy a substantial savings by shopping air carriers carefully and purchasing a ticket as far in advance as you can. This is easier by far if you do so online via the Internet where all the carriers and travel agents stand ready to provide you with both a quote and your reservation quickly with a credit card payment.

The price for a round-trip ticket from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles, California and visa versa, price quotations were obtained for a one way ticket on September 20th with a return 7 days later. Ticket prices for nonstop flights varied from $1,324.60 to $2,211.60 from Qantas; $1,701.60 to $2,336.60 on American and cost $1,619.60 for the single United flight given for that date set. Qantas showed other flights with one or two stops in Nadi and Auckland that were actually six dollars more than their lowest non-stop flights. American’s flights with a single connection stop in Auckland were priced the same as their lowest non-stop fare and a few dollars higher with a stop in San Francisco only. Air Canada also provided fare information showing that their non-stop flights with stops in either San Francisco or Vancouver varied between $1,733.60 and $2,031.50 for a round trip ticket. Finally, Air New Zealand offered a round trip fare with stops in Nadi, Auckland or Christchurch for $2,247.00 while Air Pacific came in with a one-stop price of $2,031.70 for a round trip fare. Extending the return trip time from 7 days to 30 days showed about a 20-30% reduction in these prices.

The prices mentioned above where obtained from one of the major online travel expeditors. And while there is a possibility that shopping still others may have produced a slightly lower fare, it seems unlikely when compared to fares directly from the airlines websites.

Air Travel to and from Australia and New Zealand to the U.S. has increased significantly during the past several years. This is particularly true in America’s summer months when
as more tourist vacationers consider those destinations prime. The real key to obtaining the cheapest-possible fare is to purchase well in advance of any planned trip.…