Orlando Airport Parking: Where to Leave Your Car When Travelling

IF you’ll be needing to park at the Orlando airport due to business or family vacations, you’ll be happy to hear there are now increased options to do this. Orlando airport vicinity driving can be very hectic and congested, so remember to leave yourself plenty of travel time due to Murphy’s law. Let’s start with parking at the airport itself in Orlando.

Satellite Parking

Satellite Parking costs has both a 3 hour rate as well as a daily rate You can park in the satellite parking for any length of time up to 120 days and no longer. They also provide you with a 10 minute grace period so that if you exit a satellite parking lot within 10 minutes of entering you do not pay any charges but after those 10 minutes the normal rates will apply.

With the satellite parking Orlando International Airport offers customers a free shuttle service which operates every 10 minutes between the lots and the main airport terminal. Those that are leaving Orlando will be dropped at the Departures Level (3) on both sides of the terminal (A and B) and therefore it is vital that you include an extra 30 minutes in to your travel and check in time when using the Satellite Parking. Although the satellite parking lots are uncovered they are fenced in and are routinely patrolled by members of the Airport Division of the Orlando Police Department.

There are three satellite parking lots at Orlando International Airport. The Blue Lot is situated on the Cargo Road about 1 mile north of the terminal building whilst the Red Lot is located on the South Approach Road about 1 mile south of the terminal building. There is also a Gold Satellite Parking lot which will be used when both the Blue and Red lots have reached their full capacity and is located 2 miles west of the Blue Lot. However an important point to remember is that vehicles over 20 feet long can not be accommodated in the satellite parking lots.

The shuttle service that is provided for satellite parking also has handicapped access available but to ensure that there is availability it is wise to many arrangements you need for handicapped access in advance. Airport Intl Orlando thinks of everyone.

Terminal Garage Parking

You can only use the terminal garage parking for a maximum of 60 days. But with this parking you have a grace period of 40 minutes and so should you exit the garage within 40 minutes of entering then no charges will be incurred by after those 40 minutes the normal garage rates will apply as from the time when you entered.

This area offers parking for 9,300 private vehicles and most of the spaces provided are under cover and all are within easy walking distance of the main terminal and again is routinely patrolled by the Airport Division of the Orlando Police Department. Unfortunately people who vehicles are over 7’0″ in height will not be accommodated in this parking area.

Off Airport Parking at Orlando

The airport Orlando parking that we have provided what’s available at the airport but keep in mind you can get nice bargains as well at nearby centers that allow people to leave their cars when they travel. Often you can even get a cup of coffee and newspaper there too! A number of places add drop off and parking services to boost income and these include hotels, car rental services and local businesses hurt by the economy. Here’s two to look into:

1) Sunshine Rent a Car is one and a half miles from the airport and 6.50 a day. Their location is 3719 McCoy Road. They will shuttle you to the airport and pick you up.

2) Thrifty offers a service at 5600 Butler National Drive for those who wish to park their cars.

Most cities now have services around the airport that allow parking while you travel for affordable fees though these gems are often hard to find.