Founder of Next Possibility Plan Assaults Recidivism With Drug Rehab While Cultivating Self Respect With Inmates

Rick Pendery has spent the past 30 a long time operating in material abuse systems and feels that he’s bought the keys to cut down recidivism.

Rick Pendery founded and ran a six 12 months pilot of the Next Possibility Plan in Ensenada and Tijuana, Mexico as well as another pilot in for nearly two a long time in Puerto Rico. The Next Possibility Plan freed in excess of 6000 inmates from the interminable treadmill of drug dependancy that leads to far more criminal offense and re-incarceration. He has now efficiently opened a 600 mattress safe rehabilitation facility located in the vacated Westside Jail west of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His street as a material abuse expert started in the 70s when he worked to start with in a methadone clinic. But there he noticed much too many people today wander out of the clinic, into the parking whole lot and get heroin. This treatment was plainly ineffective. Wanting about, Pendery came throughout a method known as Narconon. This method he found to be extremely productive. Functioning with them for quite a few a long time he turned the main administrator for a Narconon Plan, in El Paso Tex. Later he was promoted to be the Government Director for the method and inevitably turned the senior administrator in excess of 30 Narconon systems in the US.

Narconon employs the Drug Rehabilitation Technology created by L. Ron Hubbard. The method has a drug-free withdrawal phase, a sauna cleansing phase and an additional daily life expertise schooling segment with classes in interaction, remedial training. Also, it has lessons exclusively developed to assistance the particular person have an understanding of the causes why he started out using prescription drugs and giving him equipment to combat the urge to use prescription drugs in order to stay a drug-free daily life. Pendery feels that these methods together cultivate self respect in these former addicts.

Pendery started out his to start with Next Possibility Centre in the mid 90’s. He describes why, “I noticed two matters taking place. Drug use seemed to be typically expanding and the criminal offense level in many categories was increasing as well. The number of people today incarcerated just about doubled in nineties and due to the fact of this, the budgets for the Division of Corrections ended up beginning to bankrupt our states. I had earlier operate a productive drug rehab method known as Narconon, which was both equally productive in reducing recidivism as well as was equipped to scale up to in which it could economically provide to huge figures of people today at as soon as. I felt that this method was especially suited to the prison justice technique in which they had about 80 percent of incarcerated offenders with prior drug histories. With in excess of two million people today presently incarcerated in the United States it is really been expense prohibitive for all those offenders to get rehabilitated in that technique. According to the US Dept of Justice, the stats demonstrates that in excess of 65% of all those who have been incarcerated, within just 3 a long time, return to prison. I needed to carry a workable drug and prison rehab method to the prison justice technique.”

Pendery found far more methods to guide his communities as a authentic estate developer. He had started that job in the late 70s, continued in the 80s and 90s, steadily becoming far more involved in inner-city redevelopment. One these types of challenge was redeveloping a segment of Los Angeles that had burned down in the Watts Riots. One of these assignments was under building in the middle of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. “Properties about us ended up burned to the ground but our partly manufactured 3 story very affordable-housing challenge was not touched.”, Pendery remembers. “We had reached out to the neighborhood and supplied many in the area location jobs, so they protected the challenge.”

About a later challenge, Pendery states, “I was a single of the normal companions on two inner-city redevelopment assignments in San Diego, in which we took big apartment complexes in two of the roughest regions of San Diego and renovated them. We ran neighborhood systems to assistance regenerate neighborhood involvement and pleasure in all those regions. On a single of the assignments we worked carefully with the Muslim Neighborhood and in finding very affordable housing for refugees from Africa. We took a single of the flats which had a recreation home, made it a prayer home and gave the area Imam the adjacent apartment with a personal entrance to the prayer home. The apartment complicated was swiftly crammed up with Muslims from Africa. The people of this apartment complicated ended up extremely productive in cleaning up the community and reducing the drug use in that location of San Diego. Their substantial ethics amount permeated the bordering neighborhoods.”

Pendery proceeds, “The other location, regarded as Bates Street, was an location in which there ended up recurrent shootings, prescription drugs ended up rampant and it was the authentic Floor Zero for San Diego. We worked with several customers of the San Diego neighborhood on assignments ranging from Federal Convey coming in and placing on Thanksgiving Working day dinners, to the San Diego Charger Soccer Staff and some of its gamers operating in that neighborhood to assistance carry back pleasure and a feeling of self well worth. One Thanksgiving Working day, our challenge was demonstrated on nationwide television, through the halftime show of a university soccer recreation, with customers of the Chargers, the San Diego Padres baseball team and customers of the area university soccer team operating with the Federal Convey piling up heaps of turkey. We worked with several area churches and utilized the e-book the Way to Contentment, a common feeling ethical guideline created by L. Ron Hubbard, in some of the systems that we ended up performing.”.

“The criminal offense level dropped from the highest in San Diego just about to zero and the community was revitalized. Business returned, other developers moved in and renovated the relaxation of the neighborhood. The only dilemma was that the truly lousy people just moved to another segment of the city and that location turned the highest murder and drug location,” mentioned Pendery. “This is why I decided we had to work out how to rehabilitate huge figures of criminals and drug addicts though they ended up incarcerated. This is an chance though there is some handle exhibited on these fellows that is presently remaining squandered by the governing administration. Just seem at the failure level – 65% or far more return to prison within just 3 a long time of release”

Rev. Alfreddie Johnson is the founder and director of the Globe Literacy Crusade in Compton, Ca and the Mayor Pro-Tem of Lynwood Ca. He feels, “Next Possibility Plan is the method for the potential as far as the rehab and restoration of dignity and self respect for former criminals, bringing humanity to the culture. That can be carried out with that method. Rick Pendery is a pioneer amongst pioneers, rehabilitating the human spirit and restoring gentlemen back to remaining gentlemen.”

3 impartial university experiments ended up carried out that measured a single outcome, did the launched offender return to prison? Each and every of these experiments showed that significantly less than ten percent of all those who participated in the Next Possibility systems returned to prison. At the helm of this method is Rick Pendery.