Financial Rewards Of Hosting The Olympic Games


Hosting the Olympic Games can deliver a good deal of added benefits for the host state. These added benefits can be divided into possibly extensive expression or short expression kinds. The short expression financial added benefits contain fresh new funds flows from the people who will appear to the host state, officers, athletes, instruction pursuits, media pursuits, cultural activities joined to the Olympics and the development of an Olympic committee. These investments will be performed inside of the Metropolis that hosts the occasion and quite a few other bordering places in the respective state. (Carros et al, 2001)

Prolonged expression financial added benefits of hosting the Olympics tumble in a few key categories. The to start with is the creation of infrastructure that reaches around the world requirements. The second classification is the gain of acquiring global awareness by media protection. The final extensive expression financial gain is connected to the community there will be development of academic and youth systems, there will also be development of positions for a number of people in the state. Some community volunteer systems will also be formed. Thereafter, there will be development of community improvement systems. All the details of both equally the short expression and extensive expression added benefits will be examined in the subsequent portions of the essay. (Segrave, 1998)

Limited expression financial added benefits

Limited expression financial added benefits could be outlined as the overall adjustments that will come about in conditions of work, profits and overall countrywide output by outside the house investments. The to start with financial impact will end result variety the fact that the host state will be expected to make extra goods and providers to cater for the extra quantities. The shoppers of those gods are most probable likely to be the athletes themselves and their officers. There will also be global spectators and countrywide spectators that will will need to consume extra industrial products. It is a matter of fact that the occasion will will need to be included by media personalities both equally nationally and internationally. These groups will will need to consume goods designed by the host state. The Olympics themselves have representatives in the host state and they will will need to consume commodities. Lastly, there will be various sponsors attending the occasion and they will also be expected to acquire commodities. The overall sum of extra profits that will appear from the sale of commodities made by the host country’s industries to the previously mentioned mentioned groups will make up a large chunk of the direct financial added benefits coming variety hosting the Olympics.

There could be some people that will however be interested in observing the host country’s sites for the duration of the Olympic Games and after. There can be large quantities of profits acquired from those visits. Investigation done in this region has indicated that a host state can receive up to 823 million pounds out of the people who could appear to go to the host state inside of the to start with twenty times prior to the occasion and twenty times after the occasion. This is also topped up by some new organizations that could be made as direct end result of the Olympics and this can deliver about a overall of 1.1 billion pounds. (Reinberger, 1988)

Employment is yet another wonderful financial gain that will appear as a end result of hosting the occasion. One particular can’t undervalue the stage of career creation that an occasion of such magnitude can deliver to the host state. The work possibilities could possibly be part time or complete time. An financial estimate in Atlanta, Georgia (a Condition that held the Olympics) uncovered that about seventy seven thousand new positions were made. Forty seven per cent of this determine arrived from the direct paying out designed by people in the host country. There are sure industries that will gain extra than other individuals in this regard. The lodging and hotel business will just take up the greatest portion of those new positions. The second most crucial business is the food items business, it should also be mentioned that bars or other amenities supplying beverages also tumble in that classification. The 3rd classification of industries that will also gain from new positions will be the retail sector and the small business company sector. Additionally, there will also be positions in the design sector due to the fact there will be a will need to make extra infrastructures like creating. In relation to this business, there will be the renovation of sure infrastructures like roads and bridges. (Barney, 2003)

Prolonged expression financial added benefits

The extensive expression financial added benefits that will appear from hosting the Olympics can be deemed as a legacy to the host country. This is because they will be remembered for many years o appear. The to start with legacy will be observed in conditions of the amenities developed specially for the Olympics. These amenities will carry on in procedure several years after the occasion is above. A host state will will need top create a Stadium assembly global requirements. In the yr 1996, Georgia was hosting the Olympics. It was believed that their stadium cost them about 189 million US pounds which is really a superior financial commitment due to the fact the returns outweighed the investments by considerably. Other amenities that sprung up from those Olympics contain

  • An global Horse Park (1440 Acres massive)
  • A capturing selection elaborate (truly worth seventeen million)
  • Tennis amenities
  • A rowing Centre at Lake Lanier (truly worth 10 million pounds) (Bacon, 1993)

Additionally there could also be other renovation, repairs and advancements that can end result variety holding the Olympics. 1st of all, some universities and better education and learning amenities could will need to be enhanced. For illustration, their dormitories could be greater. A state could pick out to this because they truly feel the will need to provide less expensive options for sure guests’ accommodation. On the other hand, this could be performed to enhance the host country’s image. A host state could will need to enhance some of their memorial amenities and museums or it could pick out to invest in other sporting amenities like boxing and swimming. These advancements could be performed to make the host Metropolis extra desirable but the over-all impact is that they will enhance tourism many years after the Olympics are above.

It should be mentioned that sure amenities could be enhanced not just for the sake of the Olympics. It is really probable that sure assignments are usually on the draft desk but they lack the superior will and resources to be executed. Consequently, the Olympics provide a system for their completion. Some of these amenities contain renovation of airport terminals and improvement of all the bordering dining places and pubs in those airports. (Hall, 1972)

An additional crucial financial factor of hosting the Olympics is the fact that there will be extreme media exposure for the host state. The Metropolis hosting the Olympics will be observed by the rest of the Globe. Most of their solid details will be mirrored in their promoting endeavours and this will greatly enhance their tourism business several years forward. Additionally, there will also be exposure in the small business aspects. Buyers could be wooed to appear and invest in the host state. Even enlargement systems for global organizations could address a host state. There is frustrating proof that media protection enhances a country’s image from the media. Soon after the Metropolis of Atlanta hosted the Olympics, they earned recognition variety top publications like Globe Trade. The latter journal shown Atlanta Metropolis as just one of the top 10 Towns in the Globe to perform small business with. Other than that, a host state can have a reputation as a sporting elaborate. Towns containing those sporting amenities can use this to their edge by hosting various game titles and this can encourage sports activities in a respective state. In the latter mentioned Metropolis, surveys done after hosting the occasion indicated that there was a thirty five per cent enhance in the travel and tourism sector afterwards. This can only be attributed to the media exposure. Some persons have believed that exposure to the global earth can lead to about 8 million pounds in tourism. (Aaade and Matheson, 2002)

An additional extensive expression financial impact that will appear from the Olympics is the development of several community connected groups. It should be mentioned that there will be sure new initiatives that can appear from this kind of arrangement. Nationwide agencies will be made for this reason. In line with that there could be various volunteer groups that will appear out of such an initiative. These community groups could be formed in buy to stimulate betterment of the community and could carry on several years after the Olympics themselves are above.

The Olympics can make quite a few organizations appear out to prepare the general public on their positions. These career instruction improvement systems could be aimed at persons who can provide providers in design or the like. Those instruction systems will be really valuable to people who partake of them and also to the over-all community because they could usually have a usually means to enhance their get the job done power. Those types of endeavours could be directed in direction of the economically deprived associates of society. This could also refer to some marginalized groups. It should be mentioned that there could be some community instruction systems formed to present knowledge and expertise to those marginalized groups. Illustrations contain girls, ethnic communities and the bodily handicapped.

Hosting the Olympics also will help various assignments in conditions of profits. The Condition and other private organizations could be motivated to invest in their community by provision of grants. Towns hosting the Olympics will be supplied the biggest priority in conditions of funding and this will empower their communities. Other than that, there could be creation of youth systems and cultural systems. This will be instrumental in improvement of communities and will also be useful in the tourism sector. (Daka and Hess, 2002)

The Olympics are also really instrumental in the procedure of making countrywide unity. Sporting pursuits have usually been observed as contributory variables to countrywide cohesion. For illustration, there could be frustrating assistance for the host state to do properly inside of those Olympics and also to market the state positively to outsiders. Hosting the Olympics will create a truly feel superior factor amid associates of that organisation and this will go extensive way in improving countrywide pleasure. For illustration France is seeking to gain the bid to host the 2012 Olympics and it employed the image of properly regarded player ‘Zinadine’ to advise the earth that sports activities unite French adult males of all types. This countrywide unity can then be translated economically be cooperation for the duration of execution of duties. When a country’s social cloth has been strengthened, most of their personnel end up remaining very effective economically due to the fact they have small reservations about each and every other. (Barney, 2000)

An additional fundamental factor that must be deemed is that fcat that hosting the Olympics makes it possible for for state to exhibit their integrity. Some critics have claimed that nations around the world use corrupt approaches to gain bids for hosting Olympics. Nonetheless, this argument is not valid because The Olympics committee has gone out of its way to create mechanisms that make certain transparency and eradicate instances of corruption for the duration of the procedure of bidding. This usually means that nations around the world that gain bids are the rightful kinds and most transparent kinds.

There are also sure fundamental variables that stimulate the financial added benefits indirectly. Hosting the Olympics facilitates creation of various leisure and sporting spots like sailing, rowing, capturing, tennis and quite a few extra. What this does is that it encourages the host nation’s citizens to delight in sports activities in standard. This will go a extensive way in encouraging sports activities organizations and organizations in the upcoming due to the fact extra and extra persons will have curiosity in them. These kinds of organizations will have market in the host country. Other spots that can acquire awareness are instruction camps. This will be a resource of profits for the host state several years later on due to the fact its citizen are now interested in the sport. (Entry Economics, 1994)

All in all, the next were uncovered to be the key financial added benefits that appear from hosting the Olympics as done by COMPAS polls. They made a scale of just one to seven. Those who were supplied a rating of 1 feel that the fees emanating from hosting the Olympics outweigh the added benefits. On the other hand, those who scored 7 feel that the added benefits of the Olympics are better than the fees.


Increased tourism


Increased pleasure in

the Metropolis


Investments in

general public infrastructure


Renovations like roads


New housing



As it can be observed from the survey, the greater part of the respondents assumed that the added benefits of hosting the Olympics outweigh the fees. A mean of better than 50 % the scale (3.5) was recorded by all the respondents.


Hosting the Olympics can have various financial added benefits the host state. The short conditions added benefits contain career creation to the tune of seventy seven thousand new positions. On the other hand, there could also be greater instances profits by the people that will appear from other nations around the world. In addition, a host state could have various amenities that will provide added benefits to the host state many years after the Olympics. The Olympics will stimulate host nations around the world to broaden some of their amenities and also inspire advancements of some of the infrastructural amenities. This will go along way in making sure that the host state assignments a superior image of alone. Other than that, a host state gets the chance to market alone to the earth as at op tourism and small business location. This will go extensive way in boosting their revenues in those respective places. One particular can as a result say that the Olympics can enhance overseas investments in the host state. Lastly, there are various community systems and groups that will appear from such an occasion. (Caimbridge, 1998)


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