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Three Simple Guidlines on What to do When He Pulls Back in a Relationship

Relationships are quite difficult and confusing. At first, a relationship between a man and a woman can start off really well. They both are liking each other and are making a great effort to get to know each other through dating, phone calls, emails and texting. However, in an instance, that ceases or stops all together. This is usually done by the man, as he naturally starts to pull away. This can cause great concern and confusion for the woman. However, at this point, it is rather important for the woman not to act on instinct and to follow three simple steps regarding what to do when he pulls back.

First, it is important for the woman to understand that it is completely normal for the man to need some space when he is really starting to like someone. They do this out of fear. They are afraid of losing themselves in someone else. They become distant because they want to get a hold of themselves and figure out what they want. At this point, the woman needs to stay calm and not worry. If this is the right one for her, then he will return on his own.

The second step is to resist any and all temptation to get in touch with him. Do not call, text, email, message or drop by his office or home. Give him the space he needs and let him make the choice to come back. Finally, when he does make contact, do not give him a negative response for his absence. Instead, turn it into a positive by being excited or happy that he did call to set up a date. This will make him feel better and eases the pressure of being in a relationship.

Men want to be with a strong and independent women. As stated above, it is very natural for men to pull away from time to time. When this happens, women need to stay calm and give them the space they need. They will make the decision to return when they don’t feel as if they are being forced to. …