Boutique Hotels: the key points

It is not easy to describe the meaning of Boutique Hotels as the definition varies greatly because each owner provides his own interpretation and realizes a particular structure in all its aspects and unique in its kind. Although the definition is not entirely clear, then we can still identify 4 focal points.

First of all, all boutique hotels are characterized by two types of accommodation: urban accommodations and resorts. The boutique hotels in the city are usually immersed in a fashionable atmosphere that somehow the tourist can find in design, architecture or style. Boutique hotels in resorts are those located in more decentralized areas but at the same time close enough to the city center to visit places of interest during your vacation. Within these boutique hotels far from chaos, guests have the opportunity to live in close contact with nature and regenerate completely.

Boutique hotels are also not part of large hotel chains. In most cases these are medium or small structures with a not too large number of rooms. All accommodations are comfortable, elegant and above all a different one from the other. In most cases, the interior design of boutique hotels is a design expert who furnishes the rooms with fully-blended candlesticks mixed with excitement and elegance in bright colors, a mix of success between modern and ancient. The boutique hotels in Italy are also a tribute to the furnishings, materials and details “Made in Italy”.

Anyone who chooses a boutique hotel for his or her vacation desires warmth and intimacy. In this enveloping and intimate environment you can enjoy all the services you need and only quality products.

Boutique Hotels are not only chosen to spend their vacations somewhere and to have a place to sleep but above all because it is a type of accommodation that allows you to experience a real experience. The spirit of boutique hotels is that of a structure where charm, poetry, extravagance, fashion and trends find the right equilibrium and fascinate in an unforgettable way.