Are You Bored During Holidays? Read Online Comics!

Holidays are undoubtedly the most beloved moment of the year, since it feels really great to stay home and do absolutely nothing. When you’ve studied for months you totally need a break, during which you can get up late, have lunch, and maybe watch some TV flopped on the couch. Those who love tv series can use this time off to catch up the arrears or start something new and then, go out with friends for a fun night. Sounds great, right?
But then there come a point where you start to get bored, asking yourself what you could to break up your routine. Even if you’ve spend a lot of time on books, they’re not all boring like the school ones. You could try to pick a genre that inspires you, and get ready to immerse in great adventures, new worlds and interesting characters. Fantasy, adventure, horror, romance, thriller, drama… the choice is very wide, you’ll surely find something you could like!
Are you a comics lover? Or have you ever thought about trying to read something? There are literally thousands of titles to choose from, and they can be as captivating as books.
A really interesting comic book that you should totally read is Iron Clawed, and the good news is you can find it on line. The authors’s the very talented Ivan Jurkovic, a 20-year-old Croatian young man. He tried to picture a world where Second World War never ended, and put it black and white. Well, it’s just a figure of speech, as his comics are very well colored.
The story is set in 2014, in an alternate universe populated by orange and green-skinned people. The two armies fighting are the Allies and the Fourth Reich, just like in World War II. Here, the war started in 1930 and it’s still ongoing, so the population didn’t even get the chance to improve the technology.
The main characters are Ivan, Nicola and Spiro, three friends part of the Croatian army. Their adventures are intriguing and captivating, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from reading… just test it! All the updates are loaded on the website: